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Enterprise Data Backup Solutions

Your data is unique to your business and is irreplaceable, an invisible asset. Unavailable corporate data - data that has been corrupted, deleted or lost - will at its least be an inconvenience or at worst be catastrophic to your business.

You need to rely on established business systems, whilst making use of emerging technologies, and comply with ever more stringent data collection, data protection and environmental regulations.

365iT provide fully managed IT services that deliver proven returns on investment, ensure compliance and reduce costs.

We have a long pedigree in data backup. We’ve been providing offsite data backup solutions to Enterprise, Local Government and SME’s for over ten years. We can provide simple solutions, or complex multi-site business critical implementations.

As a business division of market leading services company 365 iT our focus is on enterprise data backup, but you have the knowledge that you are working with a strong company you can be confident in.

If you are looking to consolidate IT infrastructure and reduce costs, our hosted services are the logical step. Our solutions simplify the protection of your information by automating your data backup processes and standardizing operations across applications, platforms and virtual environments.

With our services, your IT staff can focus on supporting the real needs of your business, rather than managing time consuming and error-prone backup operations, with the assurance that if data is lost you can recover it quickly and easily to keep your business on track.



  • Does your service support 'block' or 'byte-level' backup?
  • What level of security is used to protect data?
  • What about compliance?

Email Archiving

As a critical application to any business are you covered if yours fails? 365IT Email Archiving


The best way to truly appreciate the simplicity of this service is to try it for yourself - that's why we're offering a 30 day free trial of our online data backup service. Click below to find out more

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